September 2009


I had also been suffering from stomach aches and other related problems. My Doctor put it down to stress and prescribed anti-acid tablets. He did however also refer me to a cardiologist who, after running some tests, informed me I had angina. It was agreed that I would have a stent fitted once he returned from an extended holiday.

All this was happening at a bad time in my life. My business, a property development company, was in trouble due to the credit crunch and I just didn't have the health and energy to deal with the problems. At the same time, my relationship with my live-in partner was crumbling.

Whilst I waited for my operation, I decided to move to pastures new and make a fresh start. The day before the move however I collapsed and was taken to hospital where they did tests which confirmed a red blood count of 5.5 which they explained was dangerously low. After blood transfusions I felt much better but clearly there was a deeper underlying problem than just angina.

I then had cameras investigate my insides from every possible angle and was told I had a growth in my colon which required more investigation. The problem was however that because of my angina they informed me they would be unable to give me a general anaesthetic and that I needed to have my stent fitted first. The cardiologist went mad, pointing out that part of the treatment following the fitting of the stent was super aspirin to prevent blood clots and that if I had any kind of an op I would bleed to death. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place or in this case a cardiologist and and an anaethetist!

I didnt know what to do.

Find out what happened when I tell you about October!


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