Third Good Day?


Maureen had a good night's sleep again I was the one to disturb her and at 05:15 she got me some morphine and my meds, we then slept until 08:10 got up and Maureen did her Caphosol and other stuff, I did my bloods, insulin and victoza.


We had a good start to the day Maureen came back to bed about 09:30 while I was at my desk she had been pottering about for a little while and had a meal but the effort did tire her out.


10:20 I went out shopping we needed some bits and pieces and I wanted to get some Gavilast for Maureen to try they contain ranitidine which is what Melissa was going to prescribe Maureen so we thought paying a couple of pounds for 12 tablets wasn't too much if they did work.


While I was out I did realise that even though I can zoom about on my scooter it takes me twice as long as what I would call normal speed for shopping to get things done, I suppose I haven't noticed before because Maureen is usually with me. Can someone tell me why a lot of the more popular products are put on the highest shelves in supermarkets it is difficult reaching up high and down low when you have mobility problems?


Lunch was a quiet affair and then we watched "2 episodes of "Damages" then Maureen spoke on the telephone to Teresa (Macmillan Nurse) about her pain relief and they decided to keep it as it is for a while as Maureen is still in pain.


Maureen took a Gavilast tablet at 17:30 and now we wait to see if it works!


All in all a good day that is now 3 good days in a row apart from one blip with the acid reflux, the mucus (Thick, Stringy stuff) which makes it hard for Maureen sometimes as it clogs her throat and when she coughs it sound like she is a 8o fags a day old woman!!


Today Maureen had 3 meals and kept them all down there had been no acid attacks today.


Night-Night May God Bless, Love and Keep You Safe As He Does Us.


Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. ~Winston Churchill



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