20 June 2013 Day 10 After Treatment

By NursingGig.com

Maureen had a fair night up a few times with acid regurgitation and mucus clogging her throat, I had a painful night with some angina morphine helped with the pain and GTN stopped the angina.

We both finally go out of bed at around 08:30 I did my usual bloods etc. and Maureen did her mouthwash etc. but the acid is still being a pest and just when you think its settled down back it comes.


The morning started of fairly well it soon got progressively worse though with Maureen bring up a lot of stomach acid her first meal of the day stayed down but the lunch time meal came back about 60 minutes after she had it along with this acid.

We had just settled down for an afternoons reading about 14:30 when Maureen started to bring up a lot of acid/bile in all over 15 minutes she must have brought up a cupful or more this attack was so bad she cried with the pain it caused. I contacted the McMillan nurses to let them know and what they would suggest Maureen went to bed after I persuaded her to take some morphine.


Theresa from McMillan nurse rang me back as soon as she could and after a nice long chat we settled on Maureen going back on the anti-sickness tablets, laxatives, and doubling the dose of Fastab and seeing if that would help. We started to try that for the evening meal we tried by dissolving the 2 Fastab tablets in water and then introducing them via Maureen's rig they went in no problems except they do not fully dissolve and leave quite a lot of pink granular residue behind.


19:30 it’s a good hour since Maureen took the Fastab and she is feeling hungry so she has a feed she has put 3/4 of it in when off she rushes to the bathroom where it all comes back along with acid/bile so all in all today has been a bad one for Maureen though she does say she will try again tomorrow.


Today Maureen had 3 meals 1 stayed put 2 came back!


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