A year in remission

By NursingGig.com

This blog is especially for 3 dear friends who have inspired me and helped me to get better. I often wonder if I had not seen Maggie's advertised that sunday afternoon over a year where would I be today.

First of all I have to thank Tracy the Living With Cancer on line support group co ordinator. When I first joined the group I had a lot of emotions I couldnt deal with the worst one being anger. Tracy has over the year taught me how to deal with all of these emotions especially anger.Without Tracy's support and help I would be unable to cope now. Tracy thank you for giving me that extra strength.

The next person I adore is Lorraine who has now become more of a big sister to me and a very dear friend. Lorraine has supported and guided me through the last year and has her own problems being a carer for her wonderful husband Jan. Again if it had not been for Maggie's I would not have these 2 wonderful people in my life. Lorraine can tell now if I am down, infact 1 day my phone rang and she talked to me about how I was feeling. I had been unable to cry until Lorraine phoned me that day and I said goodbye to her and then sobbed my heart out. I needed a good cry.

The 3rd person I will mention and thank is Jim, what a little tinker he is. I look forward to his messages every day and feel I have known him for years. He makes me laugh out loud frequently. I have also shared a lot of things with Jim over the last few weeks.

Thank you to all these people for being special and for caring. You are all diamonds to me.


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If you'd like to know more, visit www.maggiescentres.org

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