Personal Independence Payment


PIP is gradually replacing Disability Living Allowance for “working age” adults. All new claims since June 2013 have been for PIP rather than DLA.

For existing DLA claimants, invitations to claim PIP instead are due to start going out in October 2015.  This won’t be a “migration” in the same way as the almost completed switch to ESA or the not yet started switch to Universal Credit; you won’t be moved over to PIP pending re-assessment, the evidence and claims for your DLA won't be considered, and there will be no “transitional protection” of your old DLA rate.

Rather it is an “invitation” to claim PIP as a new claimant, but – as in the best gangster movies - it is an offer you can’t refuse. Should you pop your invitation behind the clock or pen a “No thank you I am washing my hair/quite happy with my current DLA” you will notice that your DLA is first suspended and then stopped. I will be blogging on this process nearer to it starting in October 2015.


In the meantime, a little gentle switching of existing DLA claimants was due to begin from October 2013. Originally it was planned that no new DLA forms would be issued from then on. Although DLA was already closed to new “working age” claims last June, renewals of existing DLA claims or requests to have an award looked at again were due to remain as DLA until October.


From then, the plan was that all DLA renewals or requests to look at awards again were due to be treated as new applications for PIP, while people who thought they might do better under PIP rules could apply to switch to PIP early.


This has been implemented in areas where health assessments are contracted to Capita – the dark green band on the map here. However, north and south of that band from Wales to the Wash, assessments are in the hands of the somewhat troubled Atos.

Only some parts of northern England and southern Scotland have implemented the October 2013 changes, in January and February and it is not clear when the rest will follow suit. The upshot then is that in large parts of the country that are still white on the map, if your DLA is up for renewal or you want your award looked at again, then it will be dealt with using the familiar DLA forms, processes and criteria that will still apply.


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