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There are many websites online offering very expensive advertising, we have created a very friendly niche focused jobsite in healthcare simple to use and easy on the finances. Our Cv database is niche focused only having Healthcare Cvs and not random electricians seeking a Healthcare job? ALL OF THEM WAITING FOR YOU. In a nutshell our site is built to be simple, quick and effective.

Use NursingGig and don't pay a penny for advertising if you do want to stay top of the pops top gig its only 19.99 a month one Cv located will pay for the use of our jobsite completely. We are a recruitment site in the UK that can connect you to live jobseekers without asking for a penny upfront and then we only charge you a one-off fee when you successfully top gig it. We also provide a unique online interview scheduler and candidate tracking system free of charge so you can manage the entire process at the click of a button.

"Trusted by many companies including some of the UK's biggest employers."

NursingGig is a technology-driven recruitment portal that harnesses the power of social networking, online job boards and industry leading MATCH technology to provide you with a completely unique way to recruit without any huge costs. NursingGig is used by many companies including some of the UK's largest employers.

NursingGig uses simple technologies that will find and match candidates to you and then imports them into your account giving you access to 1,000s of live CVs that are filtered and ranked by NursingGig so you only see the most relevant candidates.

NursingGigs other aim is to raise money and support Maggies Cancer Care Centres we hope to raise there profile and what they do in the UK.

Free to use post as many jobs as you want.

Top Gig £19.99 per month - This puts your advert at the the top of the page and listings fro a month more views and more Cvs guaranteed results.

We charge £49.99 for Cv search for 1 week all our Cvs are cherry picked and only being from the Healthcare background so your not wasting your time viewing Chefs or Accountants all our Cvs are either a Nurse or Carer simples.

If you wish to place a banner advert please contact and we would love to support you on that.

Why pay agency fees, waste money on advertising or deal with all the unsuitable applicants from the job centre? Try NursingGig today, lots of other companies have and here's what some of them had to say:

Recruitment Manager, Helping Locally "I hate recruiting and I have tried everything in the past. I was really skeptical about NursingGig but it actually worked. I found three really good people within minutes and took one of them on."

Recruitment Manager, Le Temp "NursingGig is the first completely easy to use as a recruitment system so simple took 3 minutes to post a job . I had to pay £19.99 to top gig - but I found exactly the right person quickly and they have turned out to be a real benefit to the company."

Manager, Private Home "The great thing about NursingGig is that we didn't have to answer all the applicants we get when we advertise in the paper or with the Job Centre. We were looking for a Live In Carer and found 2 really good local people - it cost us zero ! we were really happy and we only ever spoke to the job searcher - NursingGig didn't get involved at all."

Owner, Nursing Home "I used NursingGig for the first time and was really pleased with the results. The person we found was great and the whole process was a lot better than anything we had tried before."

Head of HR, Medical Agency "I have used a lot of other online recruitment products but I definitely prefer yours. We have successfully recruited with your help and I am sure we will be using your service again in the near future."