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Posted: 5 years ago
Singapore, 4 x Doctors Jobs Available for Leading Physicians | Singapore
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Tel: 00353 1 4004400
 Job Description
Our client is looking to place 4 x Doctors with the following qualifications and experience.

The Physicians must be:
active clinical practice;
have a basic medical degree from an accredited medical university or medical school; (UK Recognised University Medical Qualifications & Medical Qualifications Eligible for Conditional Registration)
Possess recognised postgraduate qualifications such as MRCS MRCP or equivalent registered with SMC SAB
have at least 3 years of post housemanship working experience as a medical officer (or equivalent) in ENT (Ear Nose & Throat) TBCU (Medicine/Respiratory) and GRM (Geriatric Medicine or related fields or possess a postgraduate medical qualification in the relevant field/speciality;
fulfil the registration requirements stipulated by Singapore Medical Council (SMC).

Position 4 please check specific requirements
POSITION 1: The Department of Otorhinolaryngology provides a comprehensive range of ENT (Ear Nose & Throat) services beginning from high tech equipment diagnostic evaluation to gold standard operative management and therapy.

Currently the department has a unit of 10 consultant rooms and operative facilities.

 The Department is actively looking for non-trainee Medical Officers who wish to embark on a career as Resident Physicians.

As a Resident Physician you will be providing clinical coverage in the designated wards managing outpatients at ENT clinics and participating in other sub-speciality clinics in the Department.

  You will work closely with other team members nurses and administrative staff.

POSITION 2:The TBCU administers the National TB programme.

As an RP in the TBCU you will work in the outpatient TBCU Diagnostic and Contact Clinics.

  You will evaluate patients referred for suspected TB and will treat TB cases.

You will also be involved in the public health functions of the TBCU.

You will also attend to contacts of TB patients in their evaluation for active and latent TB; and provide preventive treatment for latent TB infection.

If you are so inclined you may be involved in field investigative work.

You are expected to participate in the department’s continuous learning programs and to teach the juniors rotated through the department.

You can have the opportunity to participate in research if you are interested.

You will be part of the interdisciplinary team comprising of Medical Nursing Social Worker etc so that as a group we will be able to control TB in Singapore.

Opportunity to work either in the inpatient or outpatient setting or both.

In the GRM outpatient setting you assist in the ambulatory care of the frail older patients with geriatric problems such as recurrent falls impaired cognition incontinence immobility and other functional issues.

You also assist with the follow up of patients recently discharged from the inpatient care many of whom you should successfully transit back to the community.

In the GRM inpatient setting you will be part of the GRM medical team looking after frail elderly in the ACE (Acute Care for the Elderly) unit or the GEMS (Geriatric Evaluation Management and Sub-acute Care) units.

You will assist the Consultants in the supervision and guidance of the Medical Officers and Residents to plan for the medical care and discharge planning of the patients in both units.

 You may also have the opportunities to be involved in certain speciality programs such as Orthogeriatric Services or in future the preoperative Geriatric Services.

You are expected to participate  in the department’s continuous learning programs and to teach the juniors and medical students rotated through the department.

You can have the opportunity to participate in research if you are interested.

 In both the inpatient and outpatient settings you will focus not only on the medical issues but also the interacting functional and care issues to meet the needs of the frail elderly so that you can prevent iatrogenesis in this group and to maintain them in the community.

You will be part of the interdisciplinary team comprising of Medical Nursing Therapist Care coordinators Social Worker etc so that as a group we will be able to help frail and sick elderly meet their needs holistically.

POSITION 4:The Department of Geriatric Medicine provides 24-hour on-site service for acute medical conditions of the frail elderly especially the management of geriatric syndromes and functional decline in older people.

In addition the Department participates in the care of patients in nursing homes and community hospitals.

You will be a key player in the largest Geriatric department in Singapore.

You should be patient-focused and oriented with excellent bed-side manners and excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

In addition you are expected to perform daily ward rounds and run the geriatric clinic.

Your other responsibilities will include teaching and mentoring of junior doctors as well as counselling and interacting with patients and caregivers to educate about their medical conditions.

You will also have the opportunity to prepare and participate in multi-disciplinary meetings case presentation and workshops.

You should possess a basic Medical degree and recognised post-graduate qualification such as FRCP MRCP with CCT Board Cert or equivalent which is registrable with the Singapore Medical Council.

You must also have completed a recognised advanced specialist training programme and be eligible to be accepted for accreditation by the Specialist Accreditation Board (SAB) with Ministry of Health.

 An internationally competitive salary and terms and conditions will be negotiated with the successful candidates.

Open to all nationalities but you need to have qualified either in the UK or USA.

Copy of the data page of passports required.

Good English preferred.

Recruitment Process:
Please go to www.



uk and create an account.

Upload your CV (from a Word document) and create a personal profile.

Separately email your certificates references and the data page of your passport to enquiries@skillsprovision.


uk please.