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Posted: 5 years ago
Saudi Arabia, Director of Nursing at a Military Hospital | Saudi Arabia
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Saudi Arabia
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Other Nursing
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 Job Description
You are likely to be a native born English speaker or if from another location you must be a fluent English speaker.

The client has a preference for applications from the UK Ireland USA Canada South Africa New Zealand and Australia but it is open to anyone with the right qualifications and experience.

English is the working languageA senior position within a Military Hospital reporting to the Program DirectorYou will be responsible for all nursing personnel and will need to liaise with the Chief of Medical Staff Department Heads Senior Managers and Administration.

You will receive a tax free competitive international salary + the benefits associated with an ex-pat packageFull details will be given after your profile goes live on our site.

To create a profile go to www.



uk and join the site.

 You can then upload your CV and  create a personal profile.

We are willing to look at teams of two for this position and for the  Deputy Director of Nursing position advertised separately.

If you wish to be considered as a team (with different start dates) then you need to explain this by emailing enquiries@skillsprovision.



Do not send certificates on initial application.

The facility is one of the best equipped in Saudi Arabia and website access will be provided.

The location is in Northern Saudi Arabia and not as indicated on the map.

Job Summary:

Direct total administration of Nursing Department.

Establishes goals and objectives for the department and develops the structure to

Achieve these objectives.

Provides leadership and direction for Nursing Department as a part of the organization team.

Develops and implements existing policies and procedures for the department of Nursing.

Maintains Quality Management programs for the department to ensure a high standard of care that meets JCI Standards.




Directs development and review of criteria for evaluation of nursing care.

Assumes additional administrative responsibilities as requested by the Program Director.

Assess defines problems sets goals establishes objectives and develops strategies for action evaluation.

Assess existing and potential systems for effectiveness and formulates recommendations.

Develops plans of action for both short range and long range goals.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Organizes administers controls and directs the operations and activities of the Nursing Department.

Develops and maintains a plan of organization that defines structure function working relationships and allocation of resources.

Establishes structure which focuses on the activities needed to accomplish the department’s objectives.

Facilitates adequate number of staff and skill mix to meet the patient care demands.

Ensure quality and appropriateness of care

Establishing and monitoring standards.

Measuring actual performance against the standards.

Correcting non-compliance.

Enforces compliance to policies procedures standards and established practices.

Coordinates and directs efforts to staff forwards accomplishments of goals and objectives.

Promotes and maintains communication within the Nursing Department.

Serves as Chairperson/Member of hospital committees.

Ensures that current expenditures are within established limits of authorized departmental budget.

Responds to respective area of assignment for policy development.

Interfaces with the hospital administration and other departments to coordinate efforts and resolve problems.

Recommends decisions regarding nursing staff promotions transfers and disciplinary hearings concerning nursing incidents.

Directs and supports the Saudization program.

Reviews and approves nursing candidate’s credentials to ensure the recruitment of qualified and experienced nursing staff.

Submits reports for Nursing Department as required.

Responsible for the management of quality improvement activities in Nursing Services.

Directs and participates in nursing educational and professional programs.


Graduate of an Accredited School of Nursing.

Master’s Degree in Nursing Administration from an accredited University program preferred.

Degree/Diploma or Certificate in Management Studies from and Accredited University.

Current Registered Nurse Licensure from country of origin.

Must be registered and accredited with Saudi Commission for Health Specialties this will occur after appointmrnt.

Required Skills and Experience :


Minimum of five (5) years of Nursing experience in a large acute care hospital.

Minimum of eight (8) years nursing management experience with at least three (3) years as a Director of Nursing or Deputy Director of Nursing in a large acute care hospital.

Specialized Knowledge:


 Working knowledge of QM Program and accreditation standard.

Working knowledge of management theories and practice.

Effective communication and leadership skills.


Previous foreign travel/work experience in the Middle East isdesirable.