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Posted: 5 years ago
Unit Manager | Hertfordshire
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United Kingdom
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Austin Dean Recruitment
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Job Title – Unit Manager Main Purpose To co-ordinate the quality and management of nursing care, patient care and the clinical environment with 24 hour responsibility for staffing. Participate fully with the multidisciplinary team and undertake direct patient care. Manage and direct the delivery of clinical services within a ward or unit, ensuring it complies with statutory regulations, current legislation and meets quality standards. Key AccountabilitiesQuality1. To promote, monitor and implement standards for patient care within the ward/unit environment, evaluating through clinical governance and audit. 2. Provide clinical leadership, positive role modelling to the ward team, ensuring effective communication across the multidisciplinary team, through supervision, mentoring and appraisal. 3. Ensure all CPA and risk assessment and HONOS is an integral part of the patients care and that it is monitored and updated on a regular basis. 4. Develop and lead regular patient feedback mechanisms e.g. satisfaction surveys, outcome studies, community meetings. 5. Ensure all staff and patient census data is completed efficiently and on time, and that patient data is recorded accurately on Medtrak, or similar database. Innovation 6. Leads the implementation of new services within their own site and sharing best practice with other sites in the region. Value7. Ensure site objectives are being met and encouraging a high quality of service to attract new service users. Knowledge and SkillsFirst level nurse with regular updating of skills. Experience The role holder will have experience within a related operational environment, including experience managing a number of staff. Autonomy and ImpactGenerally working to short and medium term objectives derived from the clinical services plan. Judgement, decisions and professional advice will have a measurable impact at local level. Reports to the Clinical Services Manager on a regular basis. Intelligent Problem Solving Problem solving often relates to the adaptation of existing systems and processes in response to clinical or operational needs – some adaptive or creative thinking is occasionally required when translating best practice and evidence based research. Responsibility Staff Managerial responsibility for a team of clinical staff undertaking a variety of roles at different levels, to ensure patient safety and appropriate staffing levels. Identify training needs for staff employed in the clinical environment. Budgets & equipment Delegated authority to certify documents or purchase orders, and for the care, security and maintenance of equipment, drugs and other consumables on the ward/department Informatics Shared responsibility for the confidentiality, security and accuracy of patient records, data and information. Ensuring good quality patient documentation, which meets the Regulatory guidelines and statutory requirements. Communication & Interaction Highly developed communication and interpersonal skills are a key feature of the role, involving counselling, coaching and/or supervision. Ensures effective communication across the multidisciplinary team. The role holder will regularly be dealing with demanding and difficult situations. Working environmentThe problems faced by patients may present difficult and challenging situations, which may heighten the physical, sensory and emotional demands of the role. Special Features Facilitate clinical supervision for the clinical team. Participate in Audit/Research projects as part of Clinical Governance. Demonstrate the ability to monitor staff performance and, with support from the Clinical Services Manager, be able to take appropriate action. For more information please contact Victoria on: 020 8432 0128