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Posted: 5 years ago
Registered Mental Health Nurse | East Sussex
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East Sussex
United Kingdom
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Austin Dean Recruitment
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To undertake and manage direct patient care, having participated fully in the assessment, planning and evaluation of care needs. Undertake the delivery of care, including individual and group sessions, to agreed quality standards as prescribed by internal procedures and health legislation. Key Accountabilities 1. Manage the assessment, implementation and evaluation of individual patient care plans while promoting a professional working environment to ensure a high standard of patient care. 2. Adopt a systemic, individual approach to all patient care plans and communicate the outcomes to the clinical team both verbally and in writing, ensuring all CPA and risk assessment documentation is kept up to date. 3. Ensure effective communication of any concerns relating to patient care. 4. Deputise in the absence of the Ward Manager and their Deputy to manage the staffing and clinical needs of the ward as required. 5. Support and supervise new or junior staff. Knowledge & Skills First level registration. Experience Experience will have been acquired through professional training in a related environment. Autonomy & Impact Organises and prioritises own workload within established procedures, focussing on short-term objectives. Refers complex issues to senior staff. Oversees work of junior staff. Intelligent Problem Solving Problem solving is based on acquired knowledge, skills and experience usually requiring the adaptation of existing systems and processes in response to clinical needs. Responsibility Staff Problem solving is based on acquired knowledge, skills and experience usually requiring the adaptation of existing systems and processes in response to clinical needs. Budgets & equipment Delegated responsibility for the care, security and maintenance of equipment, drugs and other consumables on the ward/department. Informatics Shared responsibility for the confidentiality, security and accuracy of patient records, data and information. Ensuring good quality patient documentation, which meets the Regulatory guidelines and statutory requirements. Communication & Interaction Communication and interpersonal skills are a key feature of the role which will usually involve Activities such as coaching, counselling etc. Working environment The problems faced by patients may present difficult and challenging situations, which may heighten the physical, sensory and emotional demands of the role. Special Features The role holder must undertake Continuing Professional Development. Competency Profile Job type : Staff Nurse Job Code: NUC/007 Job family : Nursing & Care ? Acknowledges and responds to requests, enquires and concerns ? Is always approachable and welcoming making patients, residents, students and their families and carers feel safe & secure ? Recognizes and understands non-verbal cues and atypical behaviour ? Follows through to ensure requests are fulfilled and problems are resolved Patient/pupil Interaction 3 ? Adapts own approach in response to the given situation ? Recognizes and understands non-verbal cues and atypical behaviour ? Is compassionate and sensitive when dealing with intimate personal needs ? Investigates unusual behaviour and identifies underlying causes ? Adopts a style, which best suits, the individual situation and personality of the patient, resident, student or pupil ? Recognizes and prevents the escalation of potentially dangerous, volatile or distressing situations Emotional Intelligence Competency Req’d Level Descriptors Confidence 2 ? Interacts with confidence in the team ? Is confident in taking decisions within own area or responsibility ? Does not wait to be told what to do ? Has a ‘can do’ approach ? States own case clearly in meetings and discussions ? Offers opinions ? Believes in own ideas but knows own limitations ? Does not get defensive when facing criticism ? Deals assertively with others when appropriate Information management Competency Req’d Level Descriptors ? Uses simple planning tools appropriately (e.g. ‘to do’ lists and diaries) ? Recognizes the importance of a planned approach to work Planning & Organizing 2 ? Develops clear plans to tackle a specific, well-defined task ? Prioritizes simple workload issues for the day in hand ? Plans how to deal with peaks and troughs in workload ? Uses plans to manage workload on an on-going basis