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Create your profile, employers find your profile, you get interview invites!

NursingGig is the UK's focused Healthcare recruitment website that allows employers to contact you directly or you are able to apply for our jobs in your own time and at your own leisure.

The jobsite is incredibly easy to post your Cv letting the site match you to a job you seek working in the background spotting your next job NursingGig is focused on you we are here to help you gain a better job and new career thats our goal simple as.

Nursinggig .com example if you are a Nurse we will only allow recruiters to contact you when they have a suitable job based on your skills. We will not allow recruiters to contact you about Care jobs or other jobs you don't match with.

Matches are based on SKILLS, LOCATION and SALARY.

Employers add a vacancy to NursingGig your able then to view or apply or add your CV to the databases and let employers find you 24-7 . Your Cv will be shown only to employers that seek your skills or you can apply to our many 100,s of gigs.

The site is very simple and quick to use no stupid questions or information no one needs to know about or which becomes time consuming when registering, we know your busy people! this site has been built to help you get results and get results you want.

If you receive a text message and an email from us it is because a direct employer has found your CV through our system and wants to offer you an interview.

You can update your status regularly and have full control over your details.

So we work with you and for you ! you can upload your Cv or you can apply for a job online or have job alerts sent when new positions are posted.

"Your job is our career"

Employers hate being bombarded with 100s of CVs for every job they advertise - with traditional recruitment sites anyone can apply for any job and the task of working out who is suitable and who isn't becomes a nightmare for the employer.

NursingGig works by filtering all of the CVs that do not meet the client's requirements in the same way that a recruitment consultant would also we are niche all our users are industry specific - we use simple leading technology to do this work for us rather than relying on a person.

We do this for two simple reasons - firstly, NursingGig can read and analyse about 100,s of CVs every second which is a lot quicker than a person could and secondly, an increasing number of employers have been asking us to develop a new simple way to post jobs and view Cvs for them to manage their recruitment process quicker and easier.

NursingGig has embraced all of the technology that is available to deliver a simple concept in recruitment designed to meet the changing demands of both employers and candidates. Since we launched many companies have signed up to use our service and 100s of people have already got a new job through NursingGig.

Many companies use NursingGig to manage their recruitment process. When you join NursingGig your details will be held in our database and clients looking for people like you will be able to contact you. We allow direct employers and agencies to contact you remember we never pass on any of your personal details. Emplolyers and Recruiters will be able to see your profile which includes your work history and skills but they will not know your name or contact details if you require this privacy.

I saw an advert on another recruitment site and I want to apply for that job. If you are already registered with NursingGig you will automatically be considered for the job that you saw advertised when our client makes their search so you don't need to do anything else. If you haven't registered yet and want to be considered for the vacancy that you saw you must complete the registration process and include the NursingGig Job Code.

I got an email from NursingGig telling me to register but I am already signed up with NursingGig. You will be asked to register with NursingGig each time you apply for a specific job but you can ignore the email if you are already registered

How do I know if my application is successful? If you are invited for an interview NursingGig will send you a text message and an email with all the details.

What happens if I don't get an interview for the job I applied for? If you have not been invited for an interview within a week of applying you should assume that you were not shortlisted for that job but we will keep your details on record and if any similar jobs become available we will let you know.

Will my personal details be shown to companies using NursingGig? No. NursingGig never tells anyone your personal details like your contact numbers, email address or home address etc. We keep those details so we can contact you if you get an interview but clients and employers will only ever see a profile that lists your skills and experiences

Can I improve my chances of getting a job with NursingGig? Yes. NursingGig is a totally new concept in recruitment and to make sure you have the best chance of getting a job you must take time to read all the advice on the site about how to write your CV and improve your profile.

How can I contact NursingGig? We do not provide any telephone support for candidates but we do offer email support. Please go to the contact us tab to see the options for email support.